Carlyn is a curly/kinky (3c-4b) who had a hard time finding a hairstylist (especially in college towns) to do her fine medium natural hair. Because Carlyn was a Graduate Teaching Assistant working on her doctorate, she needed to maintain a well-kept appearance. She opted for a professional bun hairstyle but could not find ponytail holders that would hold her textured hair in place without breakage or slippage. Out of frustration and tired of using many many Bobby pins, she decided to create her own ponytail holder. This is how the CarlyClip was born.

Creator and founder, Carlyn Ray, is excited about the growth, evolution and endless possibilities of the patent-pending CarlyClip. The product itself went through many stages of research and product development to achieve a durable, high quality and inexpensive brand that consumers can trust. It is not a product that easily breaks and this is not by mistake. Many prototypes were rejected and disqualified because they did not meet the founder’s vision of durability and flexibility. For example, as far as flexibility, Carlyn witnessed an 8 year old, twist and bend the CarlyClip with all strength and might. In dismay, the child’s mother tried to stop her daughter and Carlyn encouraged the child to continue (with Mom’s permission). Of course, the CarlyClip withstood the test. You can wear the CarlyClip with strength and confidence.

There are many reasons why Carlyn personally took on the challenge of developing the CarlyClip. One is to create an illusion of volume, thickness, and fullness to fine and medium textured hair. Most naturals love full thick hair and now most can achieve it, no more skinny buns and skinny ponytails. Another reason is to have a neat professional appearance when a local hairstylist is not available (described above). This often happens in college towns and small remote areas. The CarlyClip is also excellent for achieving sleek beautiful updos and buns for weddings and social events. It is also great for exercise routines, avid sport players, and college students looking to achieve that effortless messy bun look. 

Join us as the CarlyClip continues to evolve and add new friends and partnerships.