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Consider CarlyClip for Women with Health Concerns

I know the CarlyClip and health concerns is not the most glamorous topic. Unfortunately, it is reality for some.

The CarlyClip is beneficial to some women experiencing hair problems related to health issues. Why? Because it allows one to create an illusion of hair fullness. Your bun or ponytail appears more voluminous for most kinky/curly hair types. The great thing is that you only need 4-5 inches of textured hair to benefit from the wonders of the CarlyClip.

The CarlyClip offers excellent styling options for women who cannot visit their hairstylist. Why? Because they are either hospitalized or confined to long term care facilities such as nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. Often times, these facilities do not have hair salons or hair stylists onsite. If they do, the individual may not know how to style textured or curly/kinky hair.

Wearing the CarlyClip is a great way for loved ones to keep their dignity and pretty appearance. It is also a great option for women caught in disaster zones where there is no longer access to hair salons.

I do recognize the importance of health and beauty. This is why the CarlyClip is aimed toward women of all walks of life, from junior high students to seniors living in a nursing home.

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